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New Essay-Muet Essay Mid Year 2009


Information and communication technology(ICT) is the cause of today's many social ills. What is your opinion? Support your answers with examples. You should write at least 350 words....

          There is a girl who likes to post her beautiful and charming picture in her blog.This is because she loves people to comment about her beautiful face. But the sky is not always clear and the cloud is not alwys gloomy, one strangers took her picture and crop her beautiful paste and make a pornography picture. This is the effect of misusing  the internet.From that day onwards, the girl felt shame and regretted by her behaviour.
I understand that now, we are in the era where information and communication technology, ICT has becoming crucial  to our daily life. It is now becoming the major component in almost each and every single activity and routines in life.But we must realise that sometimes, the content that spread out by using ICT as a medium may be poisoning the mind of the youth and slowly corrupting it. Despite its contributions to the world, ICT provide bundles of network, stimulate global stigma among people and no law implementation regarding the use of internet.

          Theoretically, ICT was invented to ease the interaction among humans from different places. Sources of ICT such as computer, internet,  radio, television and mobile phones has been used averagely by the human in the world. So, we cannot denied that ICT has provide bundles of network to ease the communication among authorities. When the information can be obtain by just a click, people can search for the information that they want to know bu just a few seconds. Apart from that, the famous social network nowadays such as facebook can act as medium for bad people to find a drug mule among women. Female teen also ease to be cheaten by the strangers especially men that they tend to know in facebook. There is a case where a Malay woman loss RM 1.2 million due to contact tricked internet as her money has been cheaten by a man that she didnt ever met.This is the reason that we can conclude that internet, which is the sources of ICT can lead to social ills.

         Ict also becomes one of the cause of social ills among communities as there is no implementation of law enforcement in using the internet especially. In my opinion, the government should take this seriously as youth nowadays are more advanced with technologies such as computer, internet, radio, mobile phones and etc. This will make them too exposed to the outside forces seriously. The government must take an action to filter the all the bad contents in the internet. This action must be taken to avoid the teenagers from watching and learning bad things such as how to be a hacker ,gengsterism and watching pornography. The high curiosity level of the children can be controlled if the government properly structures a law in the family institution to avoid children from ascessing the internet as they pleae. The collaboration between teachers and parents is highly required in this new era to solve the problem that infect youth nowadays. In a nutshell, the law to subjugte ICT must be restricted in order to prevent any bad outcomes in the future.

         Apart from that, the reason why ICT is believed to be one of the cause of social ills in the community id due to global stigma which influence the youth nowadays to be simple minded and radically oppose everything that they tend to dislike. Global stigma means that whatever being happen out there in the outside world regardless it is confidential or not. This will cause the youth to eveluate what they have seen or read in an immature way.Thus, they will make a wrong interpretation about the news and sometimes could possess radical behaviourwhich will lead to social ills. As to portray the image, the ideology of gangsterism and punk has been spread widely among the youth in Malaysia. There is nothing  that they can contribute to the country except a mess. This proove that ICT has been wrongly used by its user as ICT act as an equipment in introducing unhealthy cultures from an  unknown sources on the internet. Therefore, it is confirmed that ICT such as internet can contribute to social ills by stimulating global stigma from its users.

        In a nutshell, people must use the sources of  ICT wisely in order to become an excellent communities and then contribute to the country by giving a good perspection to the eye of other country. Thus make Malaysia as the outstanding country  that can par with other developing countries such as Chinese, Russian and America.

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The new Essay, The new day..........

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                       The generation of Electricity by Singapore in Year 1970 and 1984
                                                     Written by: Farris Haris

              The two pie charts show the information regarding on how Singapore generates its elctricity in year 1970 and 1984. From the data, Singapore generates most of its e;ectricity in coal industry in both of year 1970 and 1984.

               In year 1970, Singapore generate the highest electricity from coal industry that is 46%. The generation of electricity from coal industry tend to increase to 55.5% in year 1984. The second industry that Singapore generates most of its electricity in year 1970 is  from natural gas industry. In 1984, the percentage of generation of electricity in hydroelectric power energy is 13.7% and 13.5% in nuclear industry and the value is almost the same.Nuclear energy produce the lowest percentage of electricity in year 1970(1.4%) but the value increases in year 1984 by 10.9%. Oil industry produce lowest electricity in year 1984 that is 5%.

                Overall, coal industry contribute the highest electricity to Singapore in both of year 1970 and 1984 as coal industry is more success and achive more profit than the other industry.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

student ORIENTATION programme

All new students entering a college or university are required to participate in orientation programme. 
Do you think this practice shouldbe discontinued? Why or why not?

             College orientation is more than a cursory introduction to a university. These one to two day sessions give new freshmen and transfer students  and their families to an overview of what to expect as a new college student.Orientation usually includes tours of the campus and residence halls, panel discussions on academic and student life, small group sessions on topics such as financial aid ,an information fair with representatives from various campus organizations and a chance to register for classes with help from a peer counselor or staff advisor. There are receptions and social events too. For many students, it’s a chance to meet new classmates-to-be. For parents, it's also a golden opportunity to scout out textbook options, residence life extras and nearby coffeehouses, bakeries and restaurants and information they'll need down the road. So, in  my opinion, students orientation programme should be a continuous programme as students manage to learn and follow the university rules and get to be familiar with the new environment at their new place of study.

               Firsly, students can learn to follow all the general rules at their college or university well. As we all know, all the college or university had set up their own university or college rules for the students to follow. All the rules that have been set up can discipline the students in their daily life studying at the university. If the student orientation programme discontinued, just imagine how the students could manage to understand and follow the rules well? Do you think that by reading all the rules  at the bulletin board or in a CD that have been given by the college officer can ensure them to follow the rule?. In my opinion, all of these ways to expose student regarding college or university rules does not really make any sense and it a just a waste effort.If the university or college held the orientation programme, there will be someone to give them a talk about the rules of the university that must be followed by the students. If they could not understand about some of the rules, they manage to ask to the officer that give a talk directly for better understanding.

                 Orientation programme for all new students in the university or college shoud be continued as they may get to know well everything about the college or university. There are a lot of things that students need to know before entering a college so that they do not feel nervous and confounded when they first meet with all the lecturers, other new students, seniors and university's staff. If orientation programmes discontinued, students may not be able to know their own lecturers and starts their first day in class with not knowing anyhing. This is not benefecial for students as they may feel uncomfortable with the new environment. Besides, if they have a problem in their study, they can seek help from the other senior students which they manage to know during orientation student.Thus, orientation programmes should be continued to help students to get used with the new life in university by introducing all about university's stuff such as the canselor of university, lecturers, student representative councils, university's staff and most importantly, they will be introduced about the place where they will be studying. This will make them to be familiar with the environment at thir university. This also make their life easy because they manage to know where to go when they are sick as each universiti must have their own clinic inside the university to help the student.

                 Next,  orientation programs also significant  in introducing students to the information and general knowledge about the courses and their organisations.Student’s should take this opportunity to understand the big picture the way of university student’s life and study in order for them to cope with the subjects and courses well.It is proven that most universities’s students unable to perfom well,  hence getting a lower grades in their first semester because they actually cannot make  head and tail the topics of their study and the way of study as certain subjects need different approachment in study. For example, medicine’s students are more based on understanding while engineering’s student are more towards exercising. Orientations programme act as the introduction towards the university and tell the students how the university develop the student’s interest. So,every student should be able to undestand this very well.

                        Lastly,most students acknowledge the important of having orientations programs. However, most of them still feel that orientation programme is a waste of time.Bacause of that perceptions,therefore some students tend to skip the orientation programs held by the board of university hence making them unaware to the elements that the university want from them which they should know as a students of the university.Students should not take this matter for granted instead they should start to get down to brass tacks as the first step is the most important step of all.

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Space Exploration.......

Space Exploration is  a waste of time and money.
Do You Agree???

                     Space travel is humanity's greatest adventure by which it is the chance to explore the moon, the planets, and the stars. The space age began on October 4, 1957. On that day, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics launched Sputnik l, the first artificial satellite to circle the earth. The first manned space flight was made on April 12, 1961, when a Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, orbited the earth in a spaceship. During the years that followed this first space expedition, many flights carried people into space.
So, in my opinion, space exploration is not a waste of time and energy as it will make a country more outstanding in the eye of the world and the citizen can get valuable information regarding sciences and also to replace the earth natural resources in the future

                      It is a wrong perception to say that discovering and exploring the space is a waste of time and energy because this may be beneficial in the future to the new developing country like Malaysia. This effort  will make Malaysia more  outstanding and developing country. As we all know, it is not an easy task to send the astronout to the space but Malaysia has prooved that Malaysia also succeed to send their own astronout to the space. The first astronout of Malaysia was Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and he has made the citizen of Malaysia being so proud of Malaysia. This achievement prooved that Malaysia also can stand at the same level with the other outstanding country in the world such as Russian and America. Russia and America were the earliest countries that manage to send their own astronout to the space and this achievement had made the two country so well-known in the world. Now, Malaysia has got the chance to follow their step and succed in it. This will  make Malaysia a more well-known country  and automatically can attract the other country to coorperate with Malaysia in any field in the future. So, it is not true to say that space exploration is a waste of time and energy as it will benefit the country and its citizen in the future.

                      Futhermore,related to today's earth population when its natural resources are continuously used up by its citizens, this his resources are moving towards its depletion.The cost for researches to find a new natural resources is nothing compared to the impact it can give to today's earth population as well as future generations.Earth is just a tiny fragment of universe where it resources almost reach it end compare to limitless resources of this universe and if this resources can be posibbly bring to earth,all terrestrial organism should no longer have to worry.So, space exploration can benefit the Earth as we can get the new natural resources from space when the natural resources in Earth has finished.This outer space researches should be continuosly being done to ensure that earth will be able to sustain it resources in the future and to prevent earth from becoming back into the old ages where humans would take months to travel.

                        On the other hand, space exploration is beneficial tu human as human can learn the valuable knowledge about something that they are not able to see. It is a precious and adventure journey to travel to the world that  we are not live d in. Only human with a great strength will have a chance to travel to the space such as astronout. They also learned new knowledge before travelling to the space. Besides that, they also must have a great physical strength by carrying out difficult physical activites. When they travel to the space, they also manage to learn the life in space where there is no gravity like the Earth. Next, the astronout also can enhance their knowledge in the field of sciences by carrying out their experiment to proove the new discovery result in space like what Dr Sheikh Muszaphar had done. He carried out an experiment relating
the characteristics and growth of liver cancer and leukemia cells, the crystallisation of various proteins and microbes in space.When he came back to Malaysia, he can share his experience when travel and living in space and information about the experiments the he had carried out in space.Then, the citizens will feel the excitement of exploring the space, thus there will be more knowledgeable new  generations will be born in the country to take the responsibility in developing the country in the field of  sciences.

                         In conclusion, space exploration is not a waste of time and energy as there are many countries out there trying to develop their country in this field and build their own space center and send their astronout to the outer space. This prooved that this field has many advantages and human need to explore it in order to get a valuable knowledge about sciences, to obtain natural resources and to become a more developing country. Scientists hope that exploration of space will answer many questions about the universe regarding about how the sun, the planets, and the stars were formed, and whether life exists elsewhere.
All this process can only be known by exploring the space.

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Now, we represented the members of  The world of sky water juice that is:

Nik Muhammad Illman
Farhana Zulkefle
Raihan Mahadi

Put a smile on your face to shine your day ! (:

Now, we begin the story regarding our group members:

Nik Muhammad Illman

-He is the leader of our group,but doesnt act as a leader at all.....haha.....Im just joking......
-He wan born on  30th.August.1993
-His former school is Smka Tok Bachok.....
-He lives in Kelantan, which is a beautiful and peaceful country..... 
-Besides, he is also a clever person......
-His nickname is Illman not Nik or Muhammad......, so we call him I right  friends?

End of the story and now we wnt to start gossiping about Farhana Zulkefle or also known as 'hana z'

Farhana Zulkefle

-She always grouped with Illman from Semester she know him well.....
-She was born on 3rd.February.1993 in Kedah Darul Aman....
-She lives in  Kedah which is located at the Northen of Malaysia....
-She studied at Maktab Mahmud Alor Setar before entering USIM
-Surprisingly, she also has a twin named Farhah Zulkefle.....nice right to have a twin?
-We usually call her Hana @ Fana..... 

Do you want to continue the story about the members of skywaterjuice???????

Lets continue the story with the last member of this group.......

Raihan Mahadi

-I think that she it the youngest in this group, so it may be proud of her to become a youngest sister
to both Illman and Farhana......
-She was borh on 21st.October.1993 in Hospital Besar Kangar, Perlis....
-She lives in Perlis since she was a small girl
-She studied at the secondary level at Smka Agama (P) Kangar, Perlis......
-It is really a great thing for her to study at the school in which all the students are girls.....
-She was the first daughter among three siblings.....

 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Thats is the simple story about three of us.....
Hope the readers will enjoy it.....

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