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student ORIENTATION programme

All new students entering a college or university are required to participate in orientation programme. 
Do you think this practice shouldbe discontinued? Why or why not?

             College orientation is more than a cursory introduction to a university. These one to two day sessions give new freshmen and transfer students  and their families to an overview of what to expect as a new college student.Orientation usually includes tours of the campus and residence halls, panel discussions on academic and student life, small group sessions on topics such as financial aid ,an information fair with representatives from various campus organizations and a chance to register for classes with help from a peer counselor or staff advisor. There are receptions and social events too. For many students, it’s a chance to meet new classmates-to-be. For parents, it's also a golden opportunity to scout out textbook options, residence life extras and nearby coffeehouses, bakeries and restaurants and information they'll need down the road. So, in  my opinion, students orientation programme should be a continuous programme as students manage to learn and follow the university rules and get to be familiar with the new environment at their new place of study.

               Firsly, students can learn to follow all the general rules at their college or university well. As we all know, all the college or university had set up their own university or college rules for the students to follow. All the rules that have been set up can discipline the students in their daily life studying at the university. If the student orientation programme discontinued, just imagine how the students could manage to understand and follow the rules well? Do you think that by reading all the rules  at the bulletin board or in a CD that have been given by the college officer can ensure them to follow the rule?. In my opinion, all of these ways to expose student regarding college or university rules does not really make any sense and it a just a waste effort.If the university or college held the orientation programme, there will be someone to give them a talk about the rules of the university that must be followed by the students. If they could not understand about some of the rules, they manage to ask to the officer that give a talk directly for better understanding.

                 Orientation programme for all new students in the university or college shoud be continued as they may get to know well everything about the college or university. There are a lot of things that students need to know before entering a college so that they do not feel nervous and confounded when they first meet with all the lecturers, other new students, seniors and university's staff. If orientation programmes discontinued, students may not be able to know their own lecturers and starts their first day in class with not knowing anyhing. This is not benefecial for students as they may feel uncomfortable with the new environment. Besides, if they have a problem in their study, they can seek help from the other senior students which they manage to know during orientation student.Thus, orientation programmes should be continued to help students to get used with the new life in university by introducing all about university's stuff such as the canselor of university, lecturers, student representative councils, university's staff and most importantly, they will be introduced about the place where they will be studying. This will make them to be familiar with the environment at thir university. This also make their life easy because they manage to know where to go when they are sick as each universiti must have their own clinic inside the university to help the student.

                 Next,  orientation programs also significant  in introducing students to the information and general knowledge about the courses and their organisations.Student’s should take this opportunity to understand the big picture the way of university student’s life and study in order for them to cope with the subjects and courses well.It is proven that most universities’s students unable to perfom well,  hence getting a lower grades in their first semester because they actually cannot make  head and tail the topics of their study and the way of study as certain subjects need different approachment in study. For example, medicine’s students are more based on understanding while engineering’s student are more towards exercising. Orientations programme act as the introduction towards the university and tell the students how the university develop the student’s interest. So,every student should be able to undestand this very well.

                        Lastly,most students acknowledge the important of having orientations programs. However, most of them still feel that orientation programme is a waste of time.Bacause of that perceptions,therefore some students tend to skip the orientation programs held by the board of university hence making them unaware to the elements that the university want from them which they should know as a students of the university.Students should not take this matter for granted instead they should start to get down to brass tacks as the first step is the most important step of all.

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Good effort.
The only group with a post within the stipulated time given!

bigbrother&kids=) said...

nice one!it taking us back to the first day we entered addition,orientation programme also can help us to know our course mates before the classes start.thus,we can arrange our early plans for the whole semester together.

nikzafana said...

we are totally agree on your main points that orientation program is very important in order to creates a cursory view of environment of university or school among new students...but, just 1 more thing about your sequece of paragraphs, we thing the first point should be the last point because students can read personally the rules that has been provided by university officials. ..that all from us,,,congrats for your nice efforts.

Sky Water Juice said...

thank you for your comment my friend.
We will try to renovate our essay back because there was some mistake from us regarding the points given...
maybe some of the points look same, but this essay was from us and we had put great effort to it.
Hope all of you will read it and write a positive comment. thank you

miracleous1_3dr said...

salam,greetings to all of you my fellow friends...we have read through your essay..and
(Because of that perceptions,therefore some)...we think that it is better if you delete the word 'therefore'..there is also typing error 'firsly'

However,you have presented an intrigue essay..well done!

~WARM~ said...

congrates!your essay is very nice.we totally agree with your points.The way you elaborate your points are clear but we would like to add something here. we think orientation programme would be more effective if it was handled you remember our orientation programme? we were not given a clear picture about the places to study.on the first day of study,we have to find the places by ourselves. by the way, orientation programme should be continued...and regarding your essay,there is some typing error.. *thir
anyway,we understand.typing error is a common mistakes.hehe..try to improve and keep your best effort!^^

Athirah Ismail said...

we agree with you points..
but sorry to say..your essay is quite monotonous..(same goes with us too )but still it is a good one to be read..
thank you..