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New Essay-Muet Essay Mid Year 2009


Information and communication technology(ICT) is the cause of today's many social ills. What is your opinion? Support your answers with examples. You should write at least 350 words....

          There is a girl who likes to post her beautiful and charming picture in her blog.This is because she loves people to comment about her beautiful face. But the sky is not always clear and the cloud is not alwys gloomy, one strangers took her picture and crop her beautiful paste and make a pornography picture. This is the effect of misusing  the internet.From that day onwards, the girl felt shame and regretted by her behaviour.
I understand that now, we are in the era where information and communication technology, ICT has becoming crucial  to our daily life. It is now becoming the major component in almost each and every single activity and routines in life.But we must realise that sometimes, the content that spread out by using ICT as a medium may be poisoning the mind of the youth and slowly corrupting it. Despite its contributions to the world, ICT provide bundles of network, stimulate global stigma among people and no law implementation regarding the use of internet.

          Theoretically, ICT was invented to ease the interaction among humans from different places. Sources of ICT such as computer, internet,  radio, television and mobile phones has been used averagely by the human in the world. So, we cannot denied that ICT has provide bundles of network to ease the communication among authorities. When the information can be obtain by just a click, people can search for the information that they want to know bu just a few seconds. Apart from that, the famous social network nowadays such as facebook can act as medium for bad people to find a drug mule among women. Female teen also ease to be cheaten by the strangers especially men that they tend to know in facebook. There is a case where a Malay woman loss RM 1.2 million due to contact tricked internet as her money has been cheaten by a man that she didnt ever met.This is the reason that we can conclude that internet, which is the sources of ICT can lead to social ills.

         Ict also becomes one of the cause of social ills among communities as there is no implementation of law enforcement in using the internet especially. In my opinion, the government should take this seriously as youth nowadays are more advanced with technologies such as computer, internet, radio, mobile phones and etc. This will make them too exposed to the outside forces seriously. The government must take an action to filter the all the bad contents in the internet. This action must be taken to avoid the teenagers from watching and learning bad things such as how to be a hacker ,gengsterism and watching pornography. The high curiosity level of the children can be controlled if the government properly structures a law in the family institution to avoid children from ascessing the internet as they pleae. The collaboration between teachers and parents is highly required in this new era to solve the problem that infect youth nowadays. In a nutshell, the law to subjugte ICT must be restricted in order to prevent any bad outcomes in the future.

         Apart from that, the reason why ICT is believed to be one of the cause of social ills in the community id due to global stigma which influence the youth nowadays to be simple minded and radically oppose everything that they tend to dislike. Global stigma means that whatever being happen out there in the outside world regardless it is confidential or not. This will cause the youth to eveluate what they have seen or read in an immature way.Thus, they will make a wrong interpretation about the news and sometimes could possess radical behaviourwhich will lead to social ills. As to portray the image, the ideology of gangsterism and punk has been spread widely among the youth in Malaysia. There is nothing  that they can contribute to the country except a mess. This proove that ICT has been wrongly used by its user as ICT act as an equipment in introducing unhealthy cultures from an  unknown sources on the internet. Therefore, it is confirmed that ICT such as internet can contribute to social ills by stimulating global stigma from its users.

        In a nutshell, people must use the sources of  ICT wisely in order to become an excellent communities and then contribute to the country by giving a good perspection to the eye of other country. Thus make Malaysia as the outstanding country  that can par with other developing countries such as Chinese, Russian and America.


Trio A's said...
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Trio A's said...

there are some grammatical errors:
1. cannot denied that ICT (paragraph 2 )
* it should be : cannot DENY that ICT

2. information can be obtain by just a click (paragraph 2)
* it should be : information can be OBTAINED WITH just a click

3. that they want to know bu just a few seconds (paragraph 2)
* it is better this way : that they want to know WITHIN a few seconds

4. Female teen also ease to be cheaten by the strangers especially men that they tend to know in facebook.(paragraph 2)
* it should be : Female teens ARE also EASY to be CHEATED by the strangers especially men that they tend to know in FACEBOOK.
# ease that you use is a verb. instead its meaning in your essay, I believe is an adjective, isn't it?

5. Global stigma means that whatever being happen out there in the outside world regardless it is confidential or not. (paragraph 4)
* it's hanging and I can't understand the whole sentence.
maybe there are a few words missing.

6. to become an excellent communities (conclusion)
* since you are using AN, it should be COMMUNITY.

7. by giving a good perspection to the eye of other country
* the word perspection doesn't suit there. plus, I can't even find in my Oxford dictionary.
#it is better be replaced by 'reflecting a good image'

1. subjugte - subjugate (conquer)
2.facebook - Facebook
3.cheaten - cheated ( you made this twice!!)
4. id - is
5. eveluate - evaluate
6. proove - prove
# I know that you did these mistakes accidentally, but too many mistakes may downgrade your essay.

Sorry if I wrote too long. I just want to correct you all. I love your introduction, it's so convincing. plus, I learnt couples of new vocabularies :
1. the term 'Global Stigma'
2. par

the way you insert an idiom has really amazed me.CONGRATULATION!I myself, am not that good in this part.

Good effort from the three of you...keep writing a better essay.

~WARM~ said...

Salam 'alaikum..
I like this essay had been discussed by three of you.I also believed that global stigma is one of the factor that causes social problem among teenagers.As you say teenagers tend to follow what they observe and see rather than hearing advise which means they love following action.
I wish u all the best!!!

Sky Water Juice said...

trio s, I seriously didnt realise that we had made many mistakes for our essay....but thanks to you for correcting our essay so that we know that we made mistakes.....
we are waiting for you to correct our essay again after this...hehe

zati abby mirul said...

when are you going to correct this essay..hahaha..

miracleous1_3dr said...

salam.greetings to all of you my fellow friends.
we have read trough your essay,great!
most of your points are elaborated with concrete facts..
good job,guys!
thank you..